Our team of full-time employees and our outside collaborators generally handle the firm’s requirements very well. But during a busy period, or when a full-time person leaves, we may have overflow which will require the prompt hiring of new people. So please look carefully at the job descriptions and qualifications required for the following positions, and if applicable, send us your curriculum vitae to the following address :

We work exclusively with people who share our company values of respect, rigor and a search for excellence. By adhering to this principle, we are able to offer our clients a reliable, courteous and turnkey service.


Freelance writers on our team normally have a university degree in journalism or public relations, and are often working with national publications as well. They have strong analytical and synthesizing skills that help them quickly understand complex subjects at times and grasp the most susceptible elements to help our clients highlight their products or services to their best advantage for demanding readers. Meticulousness, meeting deadlines and good judgment are essential qualities. Meetings are frequent and we must work with people who have a car.

The main sectors covered are the economy and trade in general, the community of associations, the construction industry, commercial real estate and Québec’s economic history. Texts are written in either a journalistic or advertising style, depending on the type of report. 


All our texts are professionally revised and proofread before printing. We work with highly-qualified individuals who have many years of experience in the field as well as the appropriate university training.


Some of our texts are translated from French to English. We work with highly-seasoned individuals who have many years of experience in translation along with the appropriate university training.


Computer graphics, design and page layout of our publications are done in our office. We work mainly with the most recent versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign software, in a Mac OS X environment. Beyond having the appropriate training, this position requires a highly creative spirit, above-average flexibility and ability to continuously keep up to date with new software and design trends.


Photographs have a very special place in all our documents. We work exclusively with very experienced professional photographers using press and studio type photos. They are usually working with at least one national publication as well. Since all work is digital, our photographers must have the latest equipment and be familiar with the latest imaging technologies.

Meticulousness, meeting deadlines and good judgment are essential qualities. Meetings are frequent and a car is required.


Sales and marketing hold a dominant place in our operations. We work exclusively with people who are driven by a passion for excellence in their work, seek to surpass objectives and possess a good team spirit.


The work consists in emailing information and then contacting a targeted clientele by telephone for advertising space. Fluency in French is required. The person is responsible for an inside follow-up of advertising production aimed at total client satisfaction. While we prefer to hire experienced individuals in this field, we could give the necessary training to a gifted and really motivated person wishing to start a career in selling advertising.


This position is predominantly working on the road, meeting clients interested in buying advertising or corporate brochures. The person in this position must be highly motivated, experienced, autonomous and free to travel in various regions of Québec. Fluency in French is required. Remuneration is on a commission basis.

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